The Silver Project

 With 4 generations of trading, Michael Bloomstein’s, in Brighton’s North Lanes is one of the oldest and most trusted dealers of precious metals.  

Every year they invite for applications from artists who would like to experience working with silver. Successful applicants are then given 35 grams of silver to work with culminating in a silver exhibition and a prize for the most inventive use of silver.

 My successful application to Bloomsteins set out my desire to explore the notion that some materials, such as silver are considered precious, whereas some, in the throwaway society that we live in, are just not.

 My aim was to make a series of rings, that elevated the status of the discarded by making ‘jewels’ out of throwaway materials and combining them with the ‘precious’ material of silver.

I have attempted to fashion the rings in such a way to blur the lines of which material is precious, semi precious or not precious at all, hopefully highlighting the issue of why one material should have greater worth and value than another?