Spectacular Spectacles

The Glasses project came about through working with Vision Aid Overseas, to try to raise awareness/funds for the work they do overseas in developing countries. During my research I discovered that although V.A.O get 70,000 pairs of spectacles a week donated, a vast majority of these glasses end up in landfill, due to the eye care programme running more effectively with new ready made spectacles.

Through various processes, I repurposed some of the raw material from a selection of the donated spectacles to make a ‘new’ material. I wanted to see if there was a viable alternative to use this ‘new’ sheet material to laser cut new spectacles from, thus stopping some of the spectacles ending up in landfill.

I also wanted to explore the idea that if the raw material from old, second hand spectacles was repurposed into a ‘new’ material which it was then possible to make unique spectacles from, does this then give them the status of ‘new’ glasses, therefore taking away the element of stigma that is sometimes attached to things that are second hand?