Clare Evans

BA Hons Design and Craft

I am an enthusiastic, innovative and inquisitive person, with a flare for the unconventional use and manipulation of materials and a meticulous eye for detail. I am extremely interested in interdisciplinary and collaborative projects. I believe unique and unprecedented outcomes are made possible by pushing boundaries and combining the very best skills that individuals have to offer in their various fields.

Having been involved in the business of making for over 30 years, originally as a costume maker, and then a stained glass artist I have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge in a vast range of both traditional and modern production techniques and material research. I returned to arts education 5 years ago feeling the need to explore new ground.

Relishing new opportunities and challenges, my current work addresses the problematic subject of material waste and rubbish in our throw away society. Through various innovative processes of combining assorted waste materials, I am making a series of ‘new’, transferable materials, with cultural and practical value that could have a myriad of contemporary applications.

I hope that some of the objects that I have created from these ‘new’ materials, possess a visual language that embodies some of the inherent issues associated with a specific waste stream and at the same time communicates the thrill I get from making the undesirable desirable once more, and affirms my belief that all materials should be considered valuable.